What do the neighbors think?

That is my big concern these days.  Living with an invisible (to others) disease is tough.  No one knows how much thought and planning goes into managing my daily life and the energy that it takes. There has been a lot of stuff going lately and I can’t do it all.  I worry about how to make folks understand and what they think.

My focus is always on home and family and  my yoga classes and commitments there  are almost equally important.  Today as I go through my chores that I schedule every Sunday, I think about how I do schedule so much of my life and space out my chores and commitments to maintain my health and stamina.  If you live with M.S. you get it…we have all heard…”but you look so good!”  Well thanks so much for the compliment but a lot goes into maintaining that.

Lately I have been overly concerned that sometimes I am judged when I can’t participate fully in activities that I would really like to. Trust me everyone, I want to be there…I want to do things but sometimes I just have to stop.  I commented recently that I wish I had a stoplight in my life…green…GO you are feeling good…yellow…ok slow down…and red….STOP take some time…rest.  The problem with my M.S. is I need to prevent getting to red…red really means stop.  It means the kind of stop where you do nothing for days and allow your body to recover.

My schedule begins to fill up even more over the next couple of weeks.  I will unfold my calendar look at an entire week and then the month to make sure I can do all of the things that are important to me and still be 100% here for my family.  OK…I’ll settle for 80% maybe.  😀

Today’s Gatha:

Chasing after the world brings chaos, allowing it to come to me brings peace.




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