learning to be still…

I have written before about helping a yoga class learn to be still…today I learned that same lesson for myself.  I was waiting for a class to arrive.  Usually this is a bit of a restless time for me.  This group, for various understandable reasons is always late.  I spend my time wandering the building looking out the window, listening for the noises that mean they have arrived.  Today I stretched out, propped up my feet and waited.  I  didn’t realize what was happening until I did it!!!  What a great feeling it was to discover how to relax myself.

I wonder now if I have been so busy trying to say “take THAT M.S.”  that I didn’t take time to really relax.  To really do nothing.  Not even any silly tasks on my phone…nothing at all!!  Recently I have spoken of giving up all of my favorite real estate, remodeling, decorating shows on T.V…and I am still not indulging in those shows which is a good thing.  What I have learned to do very recently is sit down (or lie down) and watch a whole movie by myself!!  🙂  Just stopping, resting and watching.  How wonderful does it feel!?

This is not an intentional thing, it just came about.  Like I said I think I have been so busy proving what I CAN do that I forgot to learn what I CAN’T do and how to enjoy that!!  Taking care of myself means not only proving what I can accomplish but how I can accomplish  a different kind of self care by embracing a free moment or several free moments by just doing NOTHING!!  😀

Today’s Gatha:

Chasing after the world brings chaos, allowing it to come to me brings peace.



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