too busy or not busy enough?

It’s an ongoing struggle.  What is too busy?  What is just right?  I have some time off from a couple of classes right now and of course during the busy holiday season that is a good thing,  I do have a little extra “stuff” going on.  A bit more baking….decorated the house a little.  HOWEVER my body is missing the yoga!

One of my twice a week classes is just meeting once a week for now. It is the most active class that I teach.  A lunchtime class with a group at an office building.  Taught them yesterday and it felt SO good!!  I wish I could motivate myself to find a class like that for myself.  It takes me a while to work something new into my schedule.  That and I go back to that person long ago who worries about “will they know that I have M.S? will the wonder why I wobble sometimes?”

Finding a morning class ……aka motivating myself out of bed in the morning is tough.  ….and oh yeah….I could practice at home but that hasn’t started yet either.

Can you feel the confusion?  I think I am trying to learn the difference between what is enough rest and what is just enough activity.  I must admit I do adore being at home.  Keeping my space just so…planning things.  Next month classes will ramp up again and I will enjoy that too.  Maybe then I will compare how I feel busy vs. not quite as busy.

This M.S. monster is a weird one.  Those of you that know me know that I like to control things and have everything just right.  M.S. isn’t so cooperative.  I’ll keep you posted if I find a way!!!

Today’s Gatha:

Chasing after the world bring chaos,  Allowing it to come to me brings peace.



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