always remembering to practice what I preach!!!

in the days since Christmas I am remembering to slow down. The holidays were great…parties, baking yummy treats, spending time with friends and family.  I think it was  the cookie baking marathon that did me in.  Putting candy pearls on cookies with tweezers?  who does that?!  they looked great and I was terribly proud but that day is when the WAY tired began to set in. These last couple of days I have been very careful to make sure I do a whole lot of not much.  Understand…I am still doing my regular chores etc. just taking it a bit slower and asking for help.  (what a concept right?)  people want to help us, we just have to ask!!

I am sure that a relatively restful weekend and a couple of days off for the New Year and I’ll be back in business. Understand that I love to talk about the life that I am able to live despite this M.S. thing…sometimes I just have to remind myself…”ok….girl, you do have to monitor your energy as the fatigue monster is always lurking.”

It seems that time at home gets to me more than when I am out and about. I honestly think it’s the stairs.  I am trying to better plan the up and down trips.  We’ll see if that helps.

In the mean time I will continue to talk to my students about taking care of yourself and listening to your body and it’s need, but I will also quietly whisper the same thing over and over to myself.



Today’s Gatha:

I must stop, calm down, and rest heal.  I cultivate receptivity and acceptance.  I work to create the right conditions for healing by acknowledging my suffering, exploring it and letting go.


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  1. Julie
    Jan 03, 2015 @ 16:21:40

    Hi Sarah – thanks for your blog – it’s good to hear from someone else some thoughts similar to the thoughts I have been thinking – and grappling with a new diagnosis of “probably MS”. It’s encouraging in a realistic sort of way!


    • sarah humphries
      Jan 03, 2015 @ 16:55:40

      Hi Julie…thanks for reaching out. An M.S. diagnosis is scary of course but for me having a positive attitude and a regular yoga practice helps!! Helps not only the body but heart and the head!!


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