learning to be still at 60 MPH!!

Lately I have been driving in silence.  No radio.  It’s been rather nice.  I am finding that arrive at my destination more relaxed.  Since most of the time I am driving to teach a yoga class, this is a VERY good thing.  I am in the perfect, quiet frame of mind to start a practice with my class.

I hear the sounds of the road, the big trucks, the teenager’s loud car or someone else’s radio!!  The interesting thing is…..I find that my mind wanders less!  When I don’t have the music to distract me my mind stays rather quiet.  I thought that the radio kept me from thinking….turns out it creates thought.   I know it makes sense but don’t we all use some sort of sound as a distraction? The music in the car or the T.V. on at home.  I used to say that I kept the T.V. on as a distraction.  Long ago I started keeping it off during the day when I am home.  Quiet at home,  quiet in the car it just makes sense.

I must be getting older….(OK for me to say but NO ONE ELSE!! )  :-O I remember wondering how my parents could stay in such a quiet house.  Turns out they were onto something.

Today’s Gatha:

The off button brings peace and quiet.  It brings me to myself.  I turn off the TV and turn on life!!



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