the benefits of a list…

or maybe better said the benefits of ME keeping a list.

I have always been a list person.  I love checking the tasks off and if something isn’t on my list I will add it just so I CAN check it off!!

I am realizing lately that the list of things to do on my calendar every day is sometimes what makes get me out of bed.  Those of us that live with M.S. we know that some days your body may say..”I don’t THINK not today”!!  When I see on my calendar my schedule of classes to teach, I know that there are folks out there waiting for their yoga class and maybe that is their reason to get out of be that day.  Just about every time this happens and I do get up…get showered and get moving I feel so much better.

I am so thankful I am able to get up and get out every day.  6 days a week I teach….Sunday is my day to rest and get things done around the house.  I try my best to stick to that schedule and make time to recover from the week.

So happy Sunday everyone…enjoy your day and do something just for you!!!

Today’s Gatha:

As I take my first step, my foot kisses the floor.  With gratitude to the earth, I walk in liberation.




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