My Mother’s Hands

As I look at my hands these days I see my Mother….also my Sister.  Of course people say that I look like my mom…my dad, my sister but they are looking as facial features and body type.  Yes we are all tall and slim, but hands?  I am sure that I am on the only one that sees the similarities there.

My Mom was a farm girl…she worked hard as a kid.  Her hands showed it..she was always embarrassed of her large knuckles and didn’t wear rings except for her simple wedding band.  She also had one thumb that she was embarrassed about, it was crushed when she smashed it while opening nuts with a hammer! I just remember how special those hands were to me.  Her gentle touch, the way she rubbed the inside of my forearm as we would sit side by side.  If you have seen my tulip tattoo inside my right arm that is there for Mom.

I always thought my sister had beautiful hands.  She has the long lovely nails that I thought I could never have.  My nails were soft and broke a lot.  I never wore polish. She has strong nails and keeps them manicured,  I so wished for the day that I could do that too! Now I do…thanks to gel polish manicures and a daily dose of calcium my nails are long enough to keep polished now too!!

I look as my nails now and see those 2 strong women reflected in them.  I see that my hands are aging. That  bothers me a bit until I recognize that I see the 2 female role models in my life reflected there in my 10 fingers and carefully manicured hands.

Mom I miss you , Karen thanks for being my big sister.  I know when you were 11 years old and  Mom and Dad brought me home that  I wasn’t the pony you had been hoping for but we’re having a great ride in this life aren’t we?

What stories do your hands tell?



Today’s Gatha:

Peace of mind is my top priority.  I reflect on what is truly of value, what gives meaning to life. I set my other priorities on that basis.

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  1. joyelliott
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 15:46:15

    I enjoyed reading this it is amazing about the stories our hands tell. Never gave it a thought till I read your message


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