but I want to do more!!!

the truth is that I feel like I SHOULD do more…it feels to me like I am busy.  2 classes a day, 5 days a week, one class on Saturday.   I have to remember to make an effort to set aside time to rest.  Most of my days are from 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m.  That gives me a bit of time to rest on my own late in the afternoon.  Sounds silly but I feel guilty for not doing more.  I know that I am taking good care of my body and managing my M.S. as best I can.  I plan for social events where I may be standing or walking more than normal.  (M.S. walk…did the WHOLE 3 miles!! resting along the way.)

I’d love to be available to volunteer more, be even more involved in my community but it’s just not possible.  I have to manage my time, maintain my health and keep my strength and mobility up to the standard that I am used to.

I have had conversations with friends recently, we all struggle with taking time for ourselves, making it OK.  Making it all right to rest when we are tired or to say “no” when we may have over committed.  Maybe for me it’s not the M.S. it’s just life or it is the M.S. making just a bit tougher.

It’s times like this when I being to think about things that I realize the M.S. does impact my life….would I do more if I didn’t have M.S? Who knows?  it’s been 24 years since my diagnosis.  Life is good, I am happy I guess I need to remind myself to stop worrying and that it’s OK take time for ME to rest.

Today’s Gatha:

I aim to make every action serve  goal of helping others.  Even resting can have this motivations:  I rest to maintain strength, prolong my life, and be better able to help others.  I am always mindful of my motivations.



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