Hey ya’ll, it’s been a while!!

I had to look and see just how long it has been.  What’s going on with everyone?  My life is getting busier and I am happy to report that I am keeping up!! I am finding that for now, the busier that I stay the happier I am.  Teaching yoga is definitely where I am meant to be and the opportunities are appearing on a regular basis.  I need to practice that patience thing that I am NOT very good at as some things come to fruitioin.  I am confident they will I just need to remember the old saying “good things come to those who wait.” 

I am starting with a new volunteer opportunity next month as well as working on some things that could compensate me a little.  Truly exciting times.  If some things happen the way that I hope they will I may need a business name.  Any ideas? 

Getting some things settled at home.  I think I mentioned that I have a “new” room in the house to make just right.  My son’s kid furniture is on to it’s next life and I am making a new guest room.  It’s fun to check out the local antique places for just the right treasures to add to what I already have as well as some treasures of my own.  My Mom’s old desk is now a dressing table in my new room along with 2 antique store finds, a mirror and a chair for less than $30 for both! So much fun!!

Had a great yoga class today.  Getting some regulars at my Saturday class that I have been worknig on for 2 years now.  The class is going well, and what is really great is the time we spend after class comparing notes on this thing we all live with our ever present pal Ms. M.S.! I really appreciate the relationships that are developing, what a blessing these friends are becoming.

Just a quick check in today, I hope to stay more consistent in keeping up with my blog in the near future.  Stay tuned to hear about my first adventure in teaching yoga teacher trainees about how to teach to “special populations” folks. That is in 2 weeks. 

Today’s Gatha:

(I close all of my yoga classes with a short version of this)

May all beings be happy, content, and fulfilled.  May all beings be healed and whole.  May all have whatever they need.  May all beings be protected from harm and freed from fear. May all enjoy inner peace and ease.  May all be awakened, liberated and free.  May there be peace in this world and universe.






Happy New Year!!

Here’s to a new year and new adventures!!

A gatha for today:
Time passes by, I strive to awaken and take heed.  I look forward to another year to enjoy life!


getting back to whatever “normal” is….

It’s been a busy holiday season! My son was here with his wife for a week just before Christmas. We celebrated with them and so enjoyed that time that we had.
I was tired when they first left. It was an emotional tired as well as a physical one. I have taken some time off from teaching yoga to recoup some energy. I have kept my commitment to my senior group as they are good for my soul as well as my physical self. I hope to get more participation in my studio class after the first of the year. I understand that everyone was busy with the holidays!!
Today I took down all of the decorations, tomorrow I hope to pack it all away and send it to the attic for another year. Learing to pace myself is an ongoing task. When I feel good I tend to keep pushing. Today I am trying it to slow it down a bit and take just one step at a time.
I do look forward to getting back into a regular yoga routine. I need it!!!!

Today’s Gatha:
Chasing after the world brings choas. Allowing it all to come to me brings peace.


a recent trip on a train

leaving Richmond


small town life

a simple restore program fixed my computer.  here is the first blog to catch up on my time away.

My train ride:

Anytime you need to feel close to the world and the people in it, get on a train and ride.  You see the simple homes by the tracks, the small communities.  They revolve around local shops and drug stores. The farms, the silos, the water towers all point to a simpler time.  A time when life took place in a small community.  Families stayed close, they didn’t move away.

I took a 4 hour train trip recently and most of the time I just watched the world go by.  No distractions, just the train whisles and the rumble of the tracks.  I felt more rested than I had in a long time.  This was despite the fact that my son and his wife that I was meeting at the end of my journey had car trouble and would be 3 hours late.

Life goes on in this simple side of things.  Schedules are flexible, times are easy.

If only I can remember thse feelings once I step off the train.

Some observations on the train. Fellow travelers in business class.

A sharp business woman with her laptop, headset, great clothes and shoes.  Likesd hearing her call home and tell a child how to put dinner in the oven and a return call to take it out.

An older lady caling folks and managing her rental properties, what could wait…what was urgent.  She was off to visit a sick friend.  (all this learned from her phone calls)

A nice train steward with WAY too much polo cologne.

Passenger boarded and sat in front of me to watch a very violent movie on his laptop. What’s his story, where is he going?

A passenger leaving the train in 60 degree weather in leather gloves, jacket and hat.  Where did he board?  It must have been cold there.  Who is he meeting?

This all came from notes I wrote in a binder that is always with me.  What a great trip.  Will ride on a train again!



Technical difficulties

I have lost internet connectivity on my laptop.  Will return to blogging when that is fixed.
I can connect to our wireless but no all the way to the internet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

speedy or sedentary?

How do we find the happy medium?  Rest is important yet so is getting on with life and staying mobile!  I have written before about how when I stay still I am uncomfortable and my legs get “twitchy.”  However!!  (you knew that was coming) where is the happy medium?  Today I have spent a good amount of time up and down the stairs doing various things and staying busy.  It feels good and I have some very exciting projects in process that I am thrilled to be part of, I guess I need to be more organized.

There it is!! I solved my own problem.  As I work on a project all my reference materials need to be more organized and on the same floor.  That’s do-able!! We have a desk up and one downstairs.  There ya go..stay mobile but get organized first. I think I can do that.  This new project is SO new that I didn’t understand what I may need. Now I that I am getting into the process I can set up the upstairs desk and keep my “stuff” there.  I like to be upstairs when I can, it’s brighter up there and I enjoy spending time under the skylights during the day.  Even in the cooler weather I like to be around the sunshine!!

Thanks all for providing that therapy.  Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday.  I’ll have more to share on this new thing next week.

Today’s Gatha:

To be organized means I have set priorities, that I care deeply about the outcome.  I reflect on what is truly of value, what gives meaning to life.  I then set my priorities for organizing on that basis.



if I don’t check in for a while…

It’s because I am working on understanding Medicare!  Yes, it’s that time for me.  I have “officially” been on SSDI for a year and I can now qualify for Medicare.  YAY for no more high dollar COBRA payments!!

I don’t know how anyone gets thru this maze of what they call medicare information.  Who takes my neurologist, how much will my medication be, can I get vision and dental?!  This is rough.  The fact that it’s open enrollement for everyone on medicare doesn’t help either.  The phones lines are all tied up with people asking the same questions I am. 

I work on it a bit at a time every day and am making progress.  Soon it will be time to show the husband what I have found and make a decision!  WHEW!

P.S. I am not stressing too much it’s just alot to take in.  :-O

Today’s Gatha:

Total absorption in the task is what I seek.  I use skillful effort to create a focused mind, allowing clarity and concentration for completion of this task.



OK..who said I could EVER be an early bird?!

miis is the other fabulous blog I posted that got lost in the never never land of the internet!

I am getting up early!  In time to tell my Husband goodbye with my eyes open.  What’s up with that?  I know THAT’S not M.S.  It’s happening though.  I am awake 8ish now, not 10:00.  Who would have ever thought.  It’s noon now and granted I’ve not showered but I’ve made phone calls, sent emails, paid bills and even been out of the house for a quick trip.  Who’d have ever thought?!

I guess I am sleeping better.  I know I am going to sleep and feel like I am staying asleep better.  I guess “they” are right when “they” say if you use a glass of wine to help you go to sleep it only lasts so long and you will wake up.  Cutting off all beverages  90 minuntes before bed combined with the fact that I am intentionally staying busier throughout the day must be working.  I know that I feel better.

Just wanted to put out a quick note before I forgot.  I haven’t healed the cognitive issues just yet but here’s hoping.

Oh yeah…if you want a good, funny and very direct first hand view of living with M.S.  grab a copy of Awkward Bitch, my life with MS by Marlo Donato Parmalee

I read it in  days, it’s fabulous and she really tells it like it is!!  Enjoy.

Today’s Gatha:

As I wake up, I welcome a new day, a mindful smile with each breath.  May I live each moment with compassion and awareness.



I slept thru the night!!!

Cut off ALL beverages 90 minutes before lights out and I slept thru the night!! It’s not even 8:00 and I am up, feeling good and ready for the day!!

That leads me to what I blogged about yesterday that never posted….(p.s. it was fabulous, hate ya’ll missed it) I’ll do my best to recreate it.  I learned after a really rough night that I do MUCH better if I keep moving during the day.  Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  Except for some laundry there was a lot of laying around.  By the time bedtime came around I was in pain!!  I moved to the guest room to avoid any accidental contact.  It was that bad.  Fortunately I woke up feeling better and was able to get on with my day.  It reminded me of my one thing a day rule when I was tiring out so easily.  Ah the joys of MS.  Things change all the time, just when you think you have the hang of it!!  I will work on doing at least one thing a day not because I can’t do more but because I can, I should and I feel better!!  I have a yoga studio in my home… I need to USE it!!!

Now get out and vote everyone! I will very soon!!!  😀

Today’s Gatha:

Politics are neccessary as a tool to solve human problems.  We have political choices to make and a change to be involved in changing the world.  I gather strength and think carefully before I decide.  I hope to make choices that will change who needs changing.



last 2 posts aren’t here

i’ll work on recreating them and get ya’ll up to date!

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