CRS is so much more than can’t remember stuff!!

Great article in the most recent Momentum Magazine about cognition and what it really affects.  It’s so much more than “can’t remember stuff.”

(click where it says CRS is so much more…to read the article)

I took a moment and settled down to read this today.  I had tried a couple of times previously and got distracted. Who knew that not being able to stay focused on a task is part of what a loss of this thing called congition effects!?

Also it affects our capability to problem solve as fast as we used to. This SO validates my frustration at learning how to operate the lights in the new studio yesterday!  Thankfully I had help.  I had gotten there early and thought I had everything ready to go.  Long story short..not so much..but I had some help and was able to proceed.  I have been a bit concerned about why I wasn’t able to figure things out on my own sometimes, and certainly not as quickly as I used to.  So glad to read this article and discover I am NORMAL!!  (as normal as anyone with M.S. can consider themselves)

Do I retain things like I used to?  Nope!!  Do I absorb information as quickly as i used to?  Nope!!  Is that OK?  Yes it is, now that I have a “why” I can work on the “how” and learn to work with what I do have instead of worrying about what I don’t!!

Today’s Gatha:

Instead of being frustrated, I must accept such instances with humor, calmness, or constructive efforts to improve the situation.  And when awareness is present, it displaces the kind of grasping that breeds frustration.





That’s what I say to my almost 86 year old Dad every Sunday when I call him.

It’s been a happy and productive day.  Got my usual Sunday chores done..

Avonex shot…CHECK!

New Sheets on bed..CHECK

Called Daddy…almost CHECK…no answer

I also tried a new biscuit recipe…not a failure but not a CHECK!

Honey/Bran muffins…CHECK-look great but too hot for a taste test!! 😀

Sounds like a lot I know,but I love being around the house and being a wife when my Husband is home and we just have a quiet day.  The evening should be rather quiet.  I will work some on this week’s yoga class.  Also need to send out an email to some potential students.

OK..that’s enough about what’s going on with me.  Would love to hear from comments from my readers.  I feel like I ramble on about me….what’s going on with you guys?

I am adding an article about Sunlight and exercise to the links page…seems like I’ve been getting some things right all along.  Who knew.  Here’s the link and I’ll put it on the links page too. It’s a quick read.  Love the confimation that I can soak up the Sun and in moderation it’s GOOD for me!!

Oh!  and I’ve put BLOG on my calendar 3 days a week.  Hoping it will help remind me not to be gone for so long.

Today’s Gatha:

To live in harmony with the world, I excercise, sleep, and eat food that’s healthy for my body and the planet.  I aim to discover freedom and my own true nature.  I walk in stillness, act in harmony.




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